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Every morning before the market opens, you’ll receive an email from our team of elite researchers who have ransacked the latest reports, financial news, and databases.

Our proprietary stock-picking system is built from a combination of 10+ years of brutal trial & error, and a stack of huge wins.

How does our system work?

It works as a reliable three-step system that leads us straight to a tiny pocket of hot stocks every day.

Step 1

Before sunrise, we analyze dozens of top financial websites: IBD, Yahoo Finance, WSJ, Metastock, Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool, Zacks, and more, covering over 6,100 stocks listed On the NYSE and NASDAQ.

Step 2

Those 6,100 stocks are then filtered through our framework of 7 technical characteristics.

Step 3

After the cream of the crop arises, our team of experienced stock researchers handpick a handful of the day’s most active stocks.

So, Before the Opening Bell, You’ll Get a List of the Top U.S. Stocks In Play or with Upcoming Catalysts. We pick them up and send ‘em straight to your inbox. Thus, when you open our emails every morning, you’ll find stocks pushing forward because of:

  • New Patents (e.g. SIRPaFc, a new drug for cancer treatments)

  • Product Releases (e.g. IPhone 12 release)

  • Product Developments (e.g. Covid-19 breath test plans, 5G technology

  • FDA Drug Approvals (e.g. Remdesivir approved by FDA to treat Covid-19)

  • Election Results (e.g. Trump vs. Biden)

  • World Events (e.g. Stimulus talks)

  • Financial Deals (e.g. Newegg partnering with Lianluo Smart)

  • And, much more…

What’s the catch?

Why is Elitetrade.Club Free?

The money we earn from small advertisements in the newsletter — goes directly to paying our team of researchers and writers. Thus, the newsletter remains 100% free for life, without spam. And the quality of our picks can remain unchanged.

Over the last six months we have alerted multiple stocks that went on to run substantially after our newsletter. So if you want to spend your mornings with less research and more trading, then sign up to our daily newsletter and receive instant access to:

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