Stocks rebound after shaky Friday📈

Stocks notched modest gains in their return from the weekend, setting themselves up for a potential push higher this weekend.

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Markets 📈

Stocks came back from the weekend on a high note, but closed the day below their intraday highs. The Russell 2K was the lone loser after being the only gainer on Friday.

  • DJIA [+0.2%]

  • S&P 500 [+0.6%]

  • Nasdaq [+0.8%]

  • Russell 2K [-0.7%]

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Market-Moving News 🔎 

🔮 Crystal Ball Gazing with the Fed's Future Moves

The Federal Reserve, acting as the financial world's high-stakes poker player since June 14, has been debating whether to raise the interest rates in its ongoing duel with the inflation dragon.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe, financial markets, the eternal optimists, are betting their bottom dollar on rate cuts in 2023. But hold your horses—Vanguard's team of soothsayers, equipped with a machine-learning crystal ball, beg to differ, prophesying no cuts till the stars align in 2024.

 Vanguard's Reality Check  
On one side of the ring, we have the markets, dreaming of a 0.5% policy rate cut by year-end, thanks to their interpretation of the bond and futures contracts' tea leaves.

On the opposing side stands Vanguard's senior economist, Asawari Sathe, pouring a bucket of ice-cold facts on this fiery expectation. "Inflation cooling off? Sure, but think more 'still warm' rather than 'ice cold,' and unemployment's taking a tiny hike to 4.5%. Cutting rates in this weather? Unlikely," she explains.

🎱 The 8-Ball Says  
Vanguard's oracle foresees the Fed holding its ground until mid-2024, with a 38% chance of rate hikes, a 35% chance of playing it cool with a pause, and a mere 27% chance of cuts.

"In the grand cosmic battle of rate adjustments, the likelihood of an increase or a pause dwarfs that of a cut," Sathe remarks, hinting that we're far from a turning point in the inflation fight.

🧙‍♂️ Behind the Curtain  
Enter Boyu (Daniel) Wu, the senior investment strategist and part-time wizard at Vanguard, who reveals the secret sauce behind their predictions: a concoction of 25 ingredients spanning inflation, labor markets, financial conditions, and global commodities.

This potion, stirred with past and present data, has proven itself 80% accurate in foreseeing the Fed's moves, outshining the traditional Taylor Rule's crystal ball.

📜 The Disclaimer Scroll  
But as every seasoned fortune-teller knows, the future is a slippery fish. "Should the economic seas turn stormier than anticipated, the Fed might just switch gears and cut rates ahead of schedule. But don't bet your pirate ship on that," warns Sathe.

In the meantime, Vanguard's predictions offer a beacon of light for investors navigating the murky waters of the financial markets, encouraging them to either set sail with confidence or anchor down and weather the storm.

Top Winners and Losers 🔥

ShiftPixy [PIXY] $6.80 (+100.0%)
rallied after announced the termination of its CFO ad CEO early last week.

Solidon Tech [STI] $2.72 (+56.3%)
priced a $3.85 million private placement on Thursday, sending shares to a 33.8% rally on Friday that continued in today’s session.

Canoo [GOEV] $2.90 (+49.4%)
continued to rally after securing a $62.03 million cash advance from Ya Ii Pn Ltd late last week.

Sonder Holdings [SOND] $3.40 (38.1%)
determined its financial statements for the year ending Dec. 31st 2022 “should no longer be relied upon,” and reported weaker-than-expected Q4 2023 financial results.

Wimi Hologram [WIMI] $1.10 (36.4%)
pulled back after breaking out in a massive rally last week.

TRxADE [MEDS] $19.50 (32.2%)
announced a special dividend of $8 per share last week, and it will be paid out to shareholders of record as of today’s open. The ex-dividend date’s passing sent shares lower today.

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