Strong earnings lift stocks higher

The stock market shook off its Monday blues with modest gains on Tuesday...

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Here’s what moved the market today.

Markets 📈

The market returned to form on Tuesday and notched modest gains after starting the week with a lackluster performance.

  • S&P 500 [+0.2%]

  • Dow [+0.3%]

  • Nasdaq [<0.1%]

  • Russell 2K [+0.7%]

Investors flock to gold during times of uncertainty, instability, and geopolitical crisis.

We saw this with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Russia-Ukraine war, and now the Israel-Hamas conflict.

While analysts are increasingly bullish on the yellow metal, new gold discoveries are urgently needed to meet the projected future demand.

Market-Moving News 🔎 

❄️ January's Chill Sets Natural Gas Record 

On a bone-chilling day last month, Americans cranked up the heat, setting a new benchmark for natural gas consumption.

The Energy Information Administration spotted a peak usage of 141.5 billion cubic feet on January 16th, eclipsing the prior record during 2022's fierce blizzard.

☃️ Winter Surge 
This monumental consumption leap was over 40% above the daily production dance, leading to one of the largest pulls from the nation's gas reserves.

Yet, this voracious demand hasn't ignited prices, which hover near a historic dip since the summer days of 2020.

📉 Prices in the Cold 
Despite the frosty fervor for fuel, natural gas prices teeter on the edge, threatening to tumble below $2 per million British thermal units.

A paradoxical twist where abundant consumption meets declining prices, painting a complex picture of America's energy landscape.

Top Winners and Losers 🔥

Zenvia [ZENV] $1.78 (+54.7%)
announced an agreement to address a funding gap and introduced EBITDA guidance for 2024.

Equillium [EQ] $1.23 (+53.7%)
was upgraded from “sell” to “buy” by analysts at Refinitiv/Verus.

Immunome [IMNM] $23.11 (+36.9%)
plans to acquire a desmoid tumor treatment candidate from Ayala Pharmaceuticals [ADXS].

BioRestorative [BRTX] $1.57 (54.4%)
announced an agreement with shareholders to exercise existing warrants at a reduced price for a gross proceed of $8.1 million.

Peraso [PRSO] $1.75 (42.6%)
continued to plummet after announcing a $4 million underwritten direct offering yesterday morning.

Sagimet Bio A [SGMT] $6.35 (30.3%)
fell after a Form SC 13G disclosure revealed Point72 Asset Management has taken a 5.3% stake in the company.

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