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The market recovered from a midday pullback to extend its winning another day on Thursday...

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Markets 📈

The market rolled higher on Thursday after dipping into negative territory midway through the trading session. The S&P 500 briefly touched the 5K mark, but closed the session off its intraday highs.

  • S&P 500 [<0.1%]

  • Dow [+0.1%]

  • Nasdaq [+0.2%]

  • Russell 2K [+1.5%]

Few people believed award-winning futurist Eric Fry a year ago, when he said tech was the place to be.

Fry even recommended some of the stocks that went on to become the "magnificent Seven" market leaders.

Now, he's recommending seven new stocks for 2024 that he predicts will be the year's top performers.

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Market-Moving News 🔎 

🚗 On the Road Again: U.S. Drivers Set Records

2023 was the year Americans decided to really put the pedal to the metal.

According to the folks over at the Federal Highway Administration, we collectively clocked in a staggering 3.264 trillion miles on the odometer.

That's not just a lot of trips to the grocery store; it's an all-time record, folks!

📈 Roadtrip Resurgence
Remember 2019? The good ol' days when we thought traffic was as bad as it could get?

Well, 2023 said, "Hold my beer," surpassing 2019's numbers by a cool 2 billion miles.

It seems like the country has finally shifted gears after the pandemic-induced traffic lull, which took us back to 2003 levels of road usage.

Fueling Up
Despite a rollercoaster ride for fuel prices—thanks in part to geopolitical tensions—Americans have been undeterred.

Yes, we winced at the pump in 2022 when prices went through the roof, but as 2023 rolled around, prices settled.

However, they're still about 50% heftier than in the pre-pandemic world.

🌞 Fill 'Er Up!
With spring just around the corner, experts are giving us the green light to top off those tanks.

Expectations are set for prices to gear up as more folks join the traffic jam. So, if you've been dreaming of that road trip, now might just be the perfect time to hit the highway.

Top Winners and Losers 🔥

Syra Health [SYRA] $4.85 (+336.5%)
announced it had secured a subcontractor role in a $75 billion federal contract for Caduceus

MicroCloud Holo [HOLO] $28.70 (+59.4%)
is on our list for the second day in a row, after it announced its attention to join the Communications Industry Association yesterday.

Arm Holdings ADR [ARM] $113.89 (+47.8%)
reported record-breaking 78% year-on-year contract revenue growth for January 2024.

Tenax Therapeutics [TENX] $5.07 (64.4%)
disclosed a registered $9 million public offering early this morning.

Solidon Technology [STI] $1.16 (33.7%)
continues to free fall after announcing Monday that it was officially delisted from the Nasdaq last week.

Adverum Biotech [ADVM] $1.97 (29.8%)
released disappointing data from a LUNA Phase 2 trial of its wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) therapeutic.

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