Stocks stumble in Friday finale

The market snapped a two-day winning streak before heading into a three-day break.

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Here’s what moved the market today.

Markets 📈

The market limped into the President’s Day weekend after back-to-back gains on Wednesday & Thursday.

  • DJIA [-0.3%]

  • S&P 500 [-0.4%]

  • Nasdaq [-0.8%]

  • Russell 2K [-1.2%]

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Market-Moving News 🔎 

📊 Earnings Season Wraps Up: The Final Tally

As we near the end of this earnings season, let's dive into the numbers and see how the S&P 500 fared, courtesy of FactSet's latest roundup.

🔢 Hitting the Mark
So far, about 80% of S&P 500 companies have chimed in with their Q4 earnings, revealing some interesting trends. A solid 75% have outperformed earnings expectations, slightly under the five-year average of 77% but still edging past the decade's norm of 74%.

💹 Growth in Sight
The earnings growth story is looking up, with companies tracking a 3.2% year-over-year increase for Q4. While it's a modest uptick, it points to resilience amidst economic uncertainties.

🎯 Expectations vs. Reality
Despite the positive growth, earnings have surpassed predictions by 3.9%, a dip from the five-year average of 8.5% and below the ten-year trend of 6.7%. It seems Wall Street's crystal ball was a bit cloudier this season.

🔍 Who's Next?
All eyes are now on the remaining heavy hitters set to report next week, including retail giant Walmart, energy powerhouse Diamondback Energy, and cybersecurity leader Palo Alto Networks. Their performances could add some final flourishes to the fourth-quarter earnings picture.

Top Winners and Losers 🔥

MicroCloud Holo [HOLO] $66.36 (+114.0%)
exploded in what appeared to be a severe short squeeze.

HiTek Global [HKIT] $3.55 (+49.1%)
rallied after Fortune Enterprise holdings disclosed a controlling 56.9% stake in the company on Tuesday.

Fusion Fuel Green [HTOO] $2.28 (+90.0%)
received the European Commission’s full approval for its HEVO-Portugal project under the bloc’s IPCEI Hy2Infra program.

Semilux Intl [SELX] $2.61 (53.2%)
recently made its Nasdaq debut after closing its business combination with Chengue Acquisition SPAC earlier this week.

China Resources[CHNR] $1.77 (48.9%)
registered for a $3.3 million direct placement offering this afternoon.

Trupanion [TRUP] $22.88 (35.1%)
reported weaker than expected preliminary Q4 earnings results early this morning.

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