Powell comments boost rate cut hopes 💵

Stocks rallied after Fed chairman Jerome Powell signaled a path ahead for rate cuts this year.

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Markets 📈

The market rebounded on dovish comments from Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s congressional testimony this morning.

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Market-Moving News 🔎 

🏦 Fed Signals Cautious Path Towards Rate Cuts

Jerome Powell, chair of the Federal Reserve, delivered a message of cautious optimism to the House Financial Services Committee, emphasizing that while the Fed is on track to reduce interest rates later this year, it hinges on more concrete signs that inflation is on a consistent downward trajectory.

Despite January's robust inflation and hiring figures, the central bank's stance remains unchanged, awaiting further data to bolster confidence in reaching their 2% inflation target.

🔍 A Deliberate Approach
Powell underscored the need for patience, stating the Fed isn't necessarily seeking better inflation metrics than those recently observed—rather, it seeks a series of them to ensure the slowdown isn't a fleeting phenomenon.

"We want to see a little bit more data so that we can become confident," he remarked, highlighting a strategy of careful and thoughtful consideration before initiating rate cuts.

⚖️ Balancing Act
The Fed is navigating between the Scylla and Charybdis of monetary policy: the risk of acting too hastily, potentially destabilizing the economy, versus the danger of acting too late, allowing inflation to root itself firmly above the desired goal.

Powell's testimony reflects a nuanced understanding of these challenges, aiming to adjust policy restraint without tipping the economic scales too drastically in either direction.

This careful balancing act is crucial as the Fed plots its course through uncertain economic waters, with the overarching goal of ensuring a steady return to its inflation objective without undermining economic growth or employment.

Top Winners and Losers 🔥

Aptorum [APM] $9.49 (554.4%)
agreed to a plan of merger with privately-held YOOV Group Holding.

Solowin [SWIN] $47.00 (+135.0%)
announced a new membership interest purchase agreement with Cambria Capital LLC.

NKGen Biotech [NKGN] $1.83 (+112.3%)
will present new data on SNK01 NK for advanced Alzheimer’s disease at an at a March 25th to 26th industry conference.

BioAffinity [BIAF] $1.50 (50.0%)
announced a $2.5 million registered direct offering and a concurrent private placement of its shares.

Entravision [EVC] $1.79 (49.8%)
posted an unexpected operating loss on its Q4 earnings report.

Phunware [PHUN] $10.27 (30.2%)
pulled back after a sudden rally that began after President Donald Trump won a legal victory to stay on the ballot in Colorado.

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