Stocks rally on dovish Fed talk 📈

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell hinted that rate cuts could be close in his second day of congressional testimony.

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Markets 📈

Stocks continued their upswing on Thursday, thanks to more dovish comments from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, who said the Fed is ‘not far’ from the confidence it needs to cut rates.

  • DJIA [+0.3%]

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Market-Moving News 🔎 

🏦 Powell Edges Closer to Rate Cut Confidence

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, in his continued dialogue with lawmakers, indicated the central bank is inching closer to the level of confidence needed to consider lowering interest rates.

His remarks suggest that the current rates, significantly higher than those typical in periods of moderate growth and mild inflation, are nearing a pivot point.

⏲️ Timing is Everything 
During his second day of testimony, Powell elaborated on the Fed's timeline for potentially easing interest rates. He emphasized that once the Fed achieves sufficient confidence in inflation moving back towards its 2% goal, it would be prudent to adjust rates downward.

This statement comes amidst speculations that the Fed could initiate rate cuts as early as mid-year, steering clear of any adjustments in the upcoming March 19-20 meeting.

📉 Restrictive Rates 
Powell also reflected on the current stance of interest rates, describing them as "well into restrictive territory." This assessment aligns with the central bank's strategy of tempering economic activity to control inflation.

By comparing current rates against the neutral rate, which balances economic supply and demand, Powell underscored the Fed's cautious approach to navigating monetary policy adjustments.

🔍 Economic Equilibrium 
The Fed's deliberations on interest rates revolve around achieving a delicate balance between stifling inflation and fostering economic growth. Powell's testimony sheds light on the complex considerations at play, including the elusive neutral rate that signifies economic equilibrium.

As the Fed edges closer to adjusting its policy stance, Powell's insights offer a glimpse into the nuanced process of steering the economy towards stability.

Top Winners and Losers 🔥

Lytus Technologies [LYT] $8.70 (+276.6%)
announced the launch of a suite of cloud infrastructure services it’s calling the Lytus Cloud, triggering an apparent short squeeze.

Brera Holdings [BREA] $1.95 (+91.1%)
disclosed that its executive chairman and veteran investment banker Daniel McClory acquired a majority stake in the company.

Immuron [IMRN]$4.55 (+175.7%)
published positive interim top-line data from a Phase 2 trial of IMM-124E (Travelan®) as a preventative treatment for moderate to severe diarrhea following challenge with enterotoxigenic E-coli.

Solowin [SWIN] $30.25 (35.6%)
pulled back after a 135% rally on Wednesday that followed its announcement of a new membership interest purchase agreement.

Methode Electronics [MEI] $14.49 (31.1%)
posted an unexpected operating loss on its fiscal Q3 earnings report and suspended its forward-looking guidance.

Nature Wood Grp [NWGL] $11.74 (36.3%)
posted a steep YoY sales decline in its full-year 2023 earnings, citing an “ongoing global economic downturn and geopolitical tensions.”

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