Closing Bell Roundup: Nov. 15th, 2023

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Here's what moved the market today:  

Markets 📈

Stocks closed Thursday with mixed results. The S&P 500 [<0.1%] and Nasdaq [<0.1%] ended the day close to flat, while the Dow [+0.4%] edged lower, and the small-cap Russell 2K [-1.4%] sold off.  


As noted by USA Today, "Analysts expect improving market fundamentals in 2024.

The S&P 500 entered bull market territory in June 2023 after gaining more than 20% from its October 2022 lows.

Since World War II, the average S&P 500 bull market has lasted more than five years, according to LPL Research."

These could be the top movers to pick up for next year.

Today's Market-Moving News 🔎 

🛍️Walmart Feels the Heat from Food Prices

As Walmart unveils its latest financial report card, its shares took a bit of a dive. Investors seem jittery about what lies ahead for the retail mammoth, given the current economic climate.

🍽️ The Boss Speaks Out:

McMillon didn't sugarcoat it – food prices are tough on shoppers. Costs have climbed not just over the past year, but even more sharply when looking at a two-year comparison. Translation? Customers are feeling the pinch.

🥩 Meaty Matters:

Meat prices? Sky-high. But it's not all bleak. Dairy, eggs, chicken, and seafood are easing up a bit, offering a much-needed breather.

🙏🏻 Hoping for Relief: 

McMillon's eyes are on dry grocery and consumables. Any price drop there could be a game-changer, giving shoppers more wiggle room to spend on general merchandise.

🔮 The Big Picture: 

Inflation's bite is clear in the aisles of Walmart. While some relief is trickling in, the CEO's outlook suggests a hunger for more significant price dips in key areas.

As food costs dictate consumer spending, Walmart, like its customers, is navigating a landscape where every penny counts.

Today's Top Winners and Losers 🔥

Safe & Green Development [SGD] $3.03 (+531.2%) requested to withdraw from a previously issued registration statement for a direct offering of its common stock.

Alpha Technology [ATGL] $29.83 (+136.1%) has been steadily gaining since completing its Nasdaq IPO earlier this month.

WaveDancer [WAVD] $2.79 (+76.5%) announced a definitive merger agreement with privately-held Firefly Neuroscience.

HNR Acquisition [HNRA] $3.00 (55.6%) continued to slide after closing its merger with Pogo Resources.

Timber Pharmaceuticals [TMBR] $1.25 (46.5%) failed to file its Form 10-Q quarterly earnings report on time.  

Sigma Additive Solutions [SASI] $3.07 (30.8%) tumbled after reporting its earnings results earlier this week.

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