Dovish Fed talk rallies stocks 📈

Stocks jumped after Fed chair Jerome Powell reiterated the central bank's expectation of three rate cuts this year, despite "sticky" inflation.

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Markets 📈

The market rallied after Fed chair Jerome Powell doubled down on the central bank’s outlook for three rate cuts this year. The Nasdaq and Russ2K outperformed on the news.

  • DJIA [+1.0%]

  • S&P 500 [+0.8%]

  • Nasdaq [+1.2%]

  • Russell 2K [+1.9%]

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Market-Moving News 🔎 

Fed Optimistic on Growth but Sticks to Rate Cut Plans

Despite a brighter economic forecast, the Fed's latest dot plot still forecasts three rate cuts in 2024. With the current federal funds rate at 5.25-5.50%, this suggests a trimming back to 4.6%, aligning with their previous projections.

Economic Projections Adjusted 🔄
March's update shows a jump in 2024's GDP growth forecast to 2.1% from December's 1.4%, and a slight increase in core PCE inflation expectations to 2.6%. These adjustments follow after early-year inflation data challenged hopes for stabilizing price hikes, prompting a reevaluation of rate cut expectations.

Powell's Take on Inflation 🗣
Fed Chair Jerome Powell emphasized a careful approach to recent inflation reports, suggesting a gradual yet uneven path towards the 2% inflation target, despite some early-year data surprises.

Dot Plot Dynamics 📊
Changes in the dot plot reveal a consensus leaning towards milder rate adjustments in 2024, with the most ambitious views scaling back to four cuts. Looking ahead, the 2025 fed funds rate projection nudged up, suggesting a slightly less aggressive easing path.

Long-Term Outlook 🌐
The Fed's long-term rate expectation inched up, reflecting a nuanced balance between fostering growth and managing inflation, highlighting the ongoing challenge of steering the economy towards a stable future.

Top Winners and Losers 🔥

XTL Bio [XTLB] $2.38 (+128.8%)
agreed to acquire Social Proxy in exchange for a mix of cash, shares of its stock, and warrants.

TruGolf [TRUG] $1.89 (+64.3%)
partnered with AI and machine learning engineering firm, mlSpatial, to enhance the accuracy of its APOGEE system’s launch monitor.  

Cazoo Group [CZOO] $3.49 (+63.8%)
rebounded suddenly from a long slump dating back to March 5th. .

Nuscale Power [SMR] $4.88 (25.8%)
extended yesterday’s slide with more losses. It was downgraded by Wells Fargo and UBS earlier in the week.

Lifecore Bio [LFCR] $5.01 (30.3%)
concluded a strategic evaluation and announced management & board changes as a result of its findings.

ShiftPixy [PIXY] $4.02 (21.0%)
fell again after launching a $5 million “reasonable best efforts” offering of common shares and warrants on Tuesday.

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