4 Top movers to watch in today's session

Futures are pointing lower ahead of the open, but a few stocks are breaking out in early trading.

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Markets 📈

Stocks continued their downward trajectory on Tuesday, with the Russ2K and Nasdaq ranking among the day’s worst performing indexes.

  • Dow [-0.1%]

  • S&P 500 [-0.6%]

  • Nasdaq [-0.9%]

  • Russell 2K [-1.4%]

Futures contracts are down in early premarket trading. S&P 500 futures are currently showing a 0.3% loss.

What to Watch Today:
Earnings are the biggest item on today’s docket. Nvidia is the most notable name on the list, but they don’t report until after the close. We’ll hear from Garmin and a few other tech firms in the premarket, but aftermarket Nvidia report is the headliner.

A massive acquisition could catapult this overlooked gold producer to the forefront of its industry in 2024.

With gold records already sitting near record highs and showing no signs of slowing down, it could deliver enormous investor windfalls.

Best of all, it’s still trading at an excellent valuation, and technicals show a big breakout could be in the cards.

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Premarket Highlights 🔎

🚀 Bezos Dumps Shares Ahead of AMZN’s Dow Debut

Jeff Bezos, the mastermind behind Amazon.com [AMZN], went on a selling spree this month, parting ways with 50 million shares and pocketing a cool $8.5 billion in the process.

This move came to light in Amazon's annual report, revealing Bezos' plans to divest up to 50 million shares by January next year, adhering to certain caveats.

📉 Selling Spree Details
The SEC filings tell the tale of Bezos' busy month, with share sales recorded throughout, including a notable transaction on Tuesday.

Despite this significant sell-off, Bezos remains a heavyweight in Amazon's shareholder ranks, retaining around 938 million shares. With Tuesday's closing price hitting $167.08, Bezos' stake is estimated at a staggering $157 billion.

📈 Amazon's Dow Debut
In a significant reshuffling of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Amazon is set to take its place among the venerable index's ranks come Monday, replacing Walgreens Boots Alliance.

Investors seemed to welcome the news, with Amazon shares ticking up 1% in premarket trading, signaling a positive outlook for the e-commerce giant's future on Wall Street.

Featured Earnings 💰️ 

  • Analog Devices [ADI] ... AM

  • Verisk Analytics [VRSK] ... AM

  • Exelon [EXC] ... AM

  • Garmin [GRMN] ... AM

  • Vertiv Holdings [VRT] ... AM

  • Nvidia [NVDA] ... PM

  • Synopsys [SNPS] ... PM

  • Ansys [ANSS] ... PM

  • Icon [ICLR] ... PM

  • Nordson [NDSN] ... PM

Economy 🏗

  • Atlanta Fed President Raphael Bostic speaks ... 8:00 am

  • Fed Gov. Michelle Bowman speaks ... 1:00 pm

  • Minutes of Fed's January FOMC meeting ... 2:00 pm

Running Hot 🔥

  • Greenbrook TMS [GBNH] >> +129.4%

  • Energy Focus [EFOI] >> +36.4%

  • CN Energy Group [CNEY] >> +23.3%

  • Pop Culture Grp [CPOP] >> (32.2%)

  • Shineco [SISI] >> (26.9%)

  • Palo Alto Networks [PANW] >> (24.2%)

Sound Group [SOGP] - Last Close: $2.89

Singapore-based Sound Group is getting a boost after launching new AI-powered applications for the international market.

The company also says it plans to further “develop and enrich its suite of AI by actively integrating AIGC technologies.”

Sound Group said its technological breakthroughs include: Automatic Speech Recognition, TTS, AI voice, and Large Language Models.

SOGP Is up 103.1% on roughly 8 million shares traded.

My Take: This SOGP press release is really light on substance. AI hype is the only reason for this rally. Watch for a pull back.

Motus GI Holdings [MOTS] - Last Close: $0.6523

After Tuesday’s close, this tiny biotech announced it had been awarded a new patent titled “systems and methods for cleaning a colon.”

The U.S. Patent & Trademark Office granted the patent, and it will enhance intellectual property protections of Motus GI applications.

MOTS is a top mover with a 50.3% gain on nearly 7 million shares traded.

My Take: This rally seems a little overdone. It’s possible there’s more to the story, but I’d be wary of a sudden correction.

Origin Agritech [SEED] - Last Close: $2.30

This tiny Beijing-based AgTech firm announced upbeat financial results for its fiscal year ending Sept. 30th, 2023, in today’s premarket.

Origin grew its top-line revenue figure to US$13 million, marking a 77.5% increase compared to the previous year.

The company also saw its net income of skyrocket to US$8.7 million in the fiscal year, after reporting just a fraction of that a year earlier.

SEED Is up 52.5% on more than 5 million shares traded.

My Take: SEED’s financial results show promise, and the stock’s chart isn’t all that bad either. However, you should take the good news with a grain of salt when it comes to Chinese stocks.

Microcloud Hologram [HOLO] - Last Close: $16.41

This tiny stock has been trading erratically for nearly two weeks, and it’s rallying in today’s premarket in what appears to be a short squeeze.

As of Jan. 31st, HOLO had 52.37% of its total float out on shorts, and more short trades could’ve been opened since then.

Even with its recent pullbacks, shares of HOLO are still up 986% over the past 10 days, and it’s looking to add to its gains in today’s session.

HOLO is up 2.3% on over 1.5 million shares traded.

My Take: HOLO has been all over the place these past couple of weeks, so be very cautious if you decide to chase this one down.

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