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Markets 📈

Stocks stumbled out of the gate on Monday, and most large-cap Indexed ended the day close to flat. The S&P 500 lost less than 0.1%, while the Nasdaq edged lower by 0.2%. The Dow added 0.1% on the session, and the Russell 2K ended the day even.

Today, futures are in a holding pattern ahead of this morning’s CPI report. S&P 500 contracts are currently flat.


We’ve been monitoring this tiny, overlooked stock for weeks, and now we’re sharing it with the public for the first time.

This company has been on our radar since earlier this month, when shares began to rebound. Now, it’s up over 19.6% over the past 10 days.

But now, this rally could be preparing to go into overdrive after a breakout earnings report this morning.

This tiny company reported a record-breaking Q3 revenues & double-digit sales growth, and it slashed its margins by nearly a third!

This one could move fast at the open, so don’t wait! Make your move before you miss out.

Premarket Highlights 🔎

🌡 October CPI Preview: Inflation's Temperature Check

Grab your coffee and calculators, folks! The Labor Department's about to drop the latest CPI (Consumer Price Index) stats, and let's just say, it's like the financial world's version of waiting for the season finale cliffhanger to resolve.

📊 Economist Place Your Bets!

  • Monthly CPI Rise: Economists are betting on a modest 0.1% hop from September. Not exactly a high jump, but hey, every little bit counts.

  • Yearly CPI Surge: Compared to last October, they're eyeing a 3.3% jump. Inflation's playing the long game here.

  • Core CPI (Sans Drama): Stripping out the ever-dramatic food and energy prices, core CPI is expected to strut up by 4.1% from last year. Looks like the core's got more in store.

🗝 Key Takeaways

Inflation's been the big bad wolf huffing and puffing at our economic doors. These numbers aren't just digits; they're like the economy's pulse rate. High, low, or just right – it's what keeps the Fed and market watchers up at night.

As we await the grand reveal, remember: whether it's trick or treat with these CPI numbers, it's always a rollercoaster in the land of economics. Stay tuned, stay informed, and maybe keep a brown paper bag handy – just in case of hyperventilation!

What to Watch Today 👀

New Inflation Data

October’s CPI report is undoubtedly the biggest item on today’s calendar. Traders will be looking closely for any trouble spots that could encourage the Fed to impose another rate hike. Keep an eye on this report because it will likely set the tone for the trading session.

Major Earnings 💰

  • Home Depot (The) [HD] … AM

  • Amgen [AMGN] ... AM

  • Caterpillar [CAT] ... AM

  • Eaton Corporation [ETN] ... AM

  • Enterprise Products Partners [EPD] ... AM

  • Marathon Petroleum Corporation [MPC] ... AM

  • Ecolab [ECL] ... AM

  • MSCI [MSCI] ... AM

  • Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] ...PM

  • Oneok [OKE] ... PM

Economy 🏗

  • NFIB optimism index [Oct] ... 6:00a

  • Consumer price index [Oct] ... 8:30a

  • Core CPI [Oct] … 8:30a

Running Hot 🔥

  • Beauty Health [SKIN] >> (53.0%)

  • Kubient [KBNT] >> (46.9%)

  • Trivago [TRVG] >> (46.7%)

  • INVO Bioscience [INVO] >> +31.6%

  • ProKidney [PROK] >> +14.3%

  • Aluanos Therapeutics [TCRT] >> +15.9%

reAlpha Tech [AIRE] - Last Close: $5.89

reAlpha Tech is rebounding suddenly after a long slide.

The residential real estate firm skyrocketed in its Oct. 23rd IPO, but the party was short-lived, and shares began pulling back the very next day.

However, the slide seems to be drawing to a close after the stock suddenly jumped 33.8% on Monday.

It was the stock’s first daily gain since its IPO several weeks ago, and it was accompanied by a tremendous spike in trading volume.

The rally is continuing in today’s premarket. AIRE is up 81.1%, and it’s one of this morning’s top stocks.

My Take: There’s no company-specific news to back up this rally, but it looks like AIRE’s slide could be bottoming out, at least from a technical analysis standpoint, and the accompanying volume spike could be a promising sign.

Celebrite DI [CLBT] - Last Close: $7.54

Israeli tech firm Celebrite is ralling after a strong earnings report.

The investigative software company reported better-than-expected Q3 earnings early this morning, and shares are rallying in response.

Celebrite DI reported EPS of $0.09 per diluted share, marking a significant spike from last year’s $0.01 EPS, and topping the consensus of $0.05 per share.

Revenues of $84.2 million were up 17.4% YoY and also topped the Street’s $82.1 million consensus estimate.

Celbrite also raised its full-year revenue guidance to account for the strong quarter.

CLBT is one of this morning’s top stocks with a 13.9% gain.

My Take: CLBT’s numbers look great, and it’s recent technical performance also has promise. Shares are on pace to breakthrough a key resistance point at $8 per share, and it could find new price support at this level, if it can hold on.

Theseus Pharma [THRX] - Last Close: $2.14

The buyout bulls are descending on Theseus Pharma.

The tiny pharma firm is getting a big boost after announcing plans to explore strategic alternatives for the company.

Theseus Pharma has been on the struggle bus lately. Shares are down 79.7% over the past six months, with no sign of relief in sight.

However, shares are rallying after the company’s announcement, and it could provide to be a pivot point for Theseus Pharma.

THRX is one of this morning’s hottest stocks, with a 39.7% gain.

My Take: THRX isn’t out of the frying pan yet. This rally will be short-lived if it doesn’t keep investors on the hook. If it doesn’t make progress on a deal soon, the market could quickly lose interest in this micro-cap biotech.

BioCardia [BCDA] - Last Close: $0.3990

BioCardia is skyrocketing after landing a key regulatory approval.

This morning, the company revealed that the FDA approved its Phase III trial design for its CariAMP autologous cell therapy for ischemic heart failure.

The currently ongoing CardiAMP Heart Failure trial has completed enrollment, and it is anticipated that the final data analyses will be reported in Q4 2024.

The FDA has approved the proposed CardiAMP Heart Failure II study, including a requirement that patients demonstrate a prerquisite baseline.

CEO Peter Altman said, “We expect that we can perform this study efficiently at world class clinical centers based on the extensive experience of the ongoing trial and its positive clinical outcomes.”

BCDA is today’s top mover with a 146.6% gain on elevated trading volume in response to the news.

My Take: The market appears to be pretty excited about the BCDA trial, but only time will tell if it’s a success. Until then, this tiny stock could be very volatile.

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