Will AI Undo Alphabet?

Google has dominated the search game for decades, but AI is proving to be a tough nut to crack for the tech giant.

Alphabet Inc, parent company of Google, has been a tech sector mainstay since the DotCom Mania days, but its dominance is facing an unexpected new challenge in the form of artificial intelligence.

AI hit the search engine industry like a smart bomb when ChatGPT first exploded on the scene, and Google has been unable to address the challenges thus far. AI-generated content has exploded across the internet, and no clear plan has emerged from Google or other search engine operators to combat the problem .

Google’s own AI development has also faced challenges. The Bard AI system, recently rebranded to Gemini, has been a poor performer in comparison to offerings from OpenAI. Even Microsoft’s AI-powered Bing chatbot has received a better reception than Google’s AI.

Google’s Gemini even found itself in the news lately when its AI image creator feature failed to produce any images featuring White males, prompting an embarrassing public apology from the company.

Technical analysis is also beginning to point to potential concerns. Just recently, share prices have appeared to run up against a double-top at $150 per share. Double-tops often precede extended down trends, so this could be a major concern for investors.

So, is Alphabet dead in the water, or is this a brief setback that could turn out to be an epic buying opportunity? Only time will tell for sure, but, today, I’ll take a deep dive into Alphabet Inc.’s financials & fundamentals to see if this Big Tech Behemoth could be a potential “buy” in March 2024.

Why Alphabet Needs to Bank on Generative AI

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